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Case Results

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Domestic Assault

Continued for DismissalFreeborn County
Eric's client was accused of assaulting his girlfriend during an argument. Eric investigated the girlfriend's history and found a plethora of prior convictions for impeachment purposes. Just before trial, the prosecutor agreed to continue the matter for dismissal with no same or similar offenses and a small court fee. 

Felony First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

Downward Departure GrantedCrow Wing County
Eric's client was facing 12-14 years in prison for a charge of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct. While the case was pending, more allegations came to light. Eric negotiated a cap of 14 years prison and filed a motion for a downward dispositional departure. The judge granted Eric's motion, which placed Eric's client on probation, instead of sending him to prison, and sentenced him to a year in the local county workhouse. 

Felony Wrongfully Obtaining Assistance

DismissalAnoka County
Eric's client was charged with fraudulently obtaining tens of thousands of dollars in food support and medical assistance from the county. Eric's client's spouse was charged as a co-defendant. Eric worked with the prosecutor and the co-defendant's counsel to secure a pre-trial dismissal of the charge against his client.

Tax Evasion on a Motor Vehicle (Gross Misdemeanor)

Stay of AdjudicationAnoka County
Eric's client was charged in Anoka County with tax evasion on a motor vehicle, no auto insurance, and driving on a revoked license. Eric helped his client get valid tabs and a valid driver's license. Then he negotiated a resolution with the prosecutor called a stay of adjudication with unsupervised probation. This resolution provided an opportunity to keep any conviction off his client's criminal record and avoided any additional jail time. 

DWI Forfeiture

Vehicle Returned to OwnerIsanti County
Eric's client had his vehicle seized in Isanti County and it was held for forfeiture. Eric challenged the forfeiture by filing a claim on an innocent owner basis, as Eric's client's son was driving the vehicle upon his arrest for a DWI. Before the case ended up in court, Eric secured an agreement with the city for the return of the vehicle to his client upon payment of towing and storage costs. 

Misdemeanor Careless Driving

AcquittalHennepin County

Eric’s client was charged after rear-ending another vehicle on the highway. Eric obtained acquittals on all three charges for his client after conducting a three-day jury trial. Eric’s client has a commercial driver’s license, so avoiding any conviction was important.

Felony Fifth Degree Controlled Substance Sales

Stay of AdjudicationRamsey County
Eric's client was charged with selling a large amount of marijuana that he grew out of his home. Eric argued and negotiated for a resolution that involved probation, and no jail time, and gave his client an opportunity to keep a conviction off his record.

Second Degree DWI (Gross Misdemeanor)

Warrant Quashed, Jail Time AvoidedAnoka County
Eric's client had a warrant out for about ten years after missing court for a Second Degree DWI case and moving out of state. Eric negotiated a resolution where the warrant was quashed and his client never had to return to Minnesota and avoided jail time. Instead, Eric's client has probation with community service hours and a fine. Now Eric's client can freely visit family in Minnesota without concern of being arrested on a warrant. 

Misdemeanor Fourth Degree DWI

Stay of adjudicationHennepin County

Eric’s client had no criminal history and a breath test slightly over the legal limit. Eric sought out and retained breath alcohol, medical, and field sobriety test experts to litigate the matter. Eric litigated the driver’s license revocation matter in a two-day court trial. Unfortunately, the license revocation was sustained. But prior to commencement of the criminal trial, Eric negotiated a stay of adjudication for the DWI charge with a careless driving only as a petty misdemeanor. With a stay of adjudication, this provides Eric’s client an opportunity to keep any DWI criminal conviction off her record.

Felony Domestic Assault, Felony Threats of Violence

Reduced to Disorderly ConductAnoka County
Eric's client was accused by his girlfriend of strangling and threatening her. Eric launched an investigation to bolster his client's side of the story. The investigation found prior police reports and text/voice messages that discredited the girlfriend's story. Eric used this information to negotiate a resolution with no jail time and one year of misdemeanor probation. 

Felony Fifth Degree Controlled Substance Possession

Reduced to Petty MisdemeanorAnoka County
Eric's client was charged with a felony for possessing a few THC oil cartridges after being pulled over for speeding. Eric negotiated a resolution that reduced the felony down to a petty misdemeanor with a fine and no probation.

Gross Misdemeanor Third Degree DWI

Reduced to Careless DrivingAnoka County
After reviewing the evidence and identifying a potentially improper seizure of his client, Eric leveraged this to negotiate a better deal for his client. Eric's client was charged with Gross Misdemeanor Third Degree DWI with a blood alcohol concentration over three times the legal limit. Eric negotiated a resolution involving a reduced charge of Misdemeanor Careless Driving with no jail time and a year of probation. 

Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct

Continuance for DismissalWright County
Eric's client was charged with Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct as a juvenile for sending a text message that threatened school violence. Eric negotiated a resolution where the case will be dismissed in a few months as long as his client stays out of trouble and completes volunteer hours. 

Order for Protection Defense

DismissalHennepin County
Eric's client was served with an Emergency Ex Parte Order for Protection (OFP) in Hennepin County after an incident with a former partner in which the police were called. Eric conducted an investigation and prepared to litigate in court the domestic abuse allegations against his client. Prior to the hearing, Eric negotiated a dismissal of the OFP on conditions regarding return of personal property and mediation for financial matters. 

Misdemeanor Domestic Assault

AcquittalAnoka County

Eric’s client was accused of drunkenly assaulting his girlfriend while she was driving. After a two-day jury trial, Eric secured Not Guilty verdicts on all three counts.

Felony Financial Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult

DismissalAnoka County

Eric’s client was accused of appropriating money for personal use from his vulnerable adult mother while acting as power of attorney. Eric launched an investigation to show the mother was not actually a vulnerable adult during the relevant time period. Eric also showed the prosecutor that, in light of information from the investigation, any potential criminal behavior was outside the statute of limitations. Accordingly, the prosecutor agreed and dismissed the case.

Misdemeanor Obstructing Legal Process

DismissalAnoka County

Eric successfully argued to the judge, before trial, that his client had a legal right in his home to refuse to speak with officers and to close the door on them. The judge found the State’s charge lacked probable cause, and granted Eric's motion to dismiss.

Felony Fifth Degree Controlled Substance Possession and Vehicle Forfeiture

Dismissal and vehicle returnSherburne County

Eric arranged for his client’s weed-like substance to be retested at another lab, which showed the THC concentration to be that of legal hemp, below the threshold for illegal marijuana.

Felony Fifth Degree Controlled Substance Possession

Reduced Charge, Stay of AdjudicationKanabec County
Eric's client was charged with having mushrooms and marijuana in his vehicle. Eric negotiated a resolution to a reduced Gross Misdemeanor charge, along with a Stay of Adjudication. This allows Eric's client an opportunity to keep a conviction off his record. 

Gross Misdemeanor Third Degree DWI

Reduced to MisdemeanorWashington County
Eric's client was charged with drinking and driving over twice the legal limit, as well as underage drinking and driving. Eric negotiated a resolution that included probation, avoided jail time, and reduced the charge to a misdemeanor.

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